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 Our scienceandtechnologyassociation has been awarded the honor of the advanced group of the 2015 annual Jilin provincial association for science and technology academic honorary title
 Professor Zhang Linxiu, from The Academy of Sciences for the Developing Country has been invited to make a report in our university
 Professor Bao Yongli of Northeast Normal University has been invited to make an academic report in our university.
 Notice on the application of study abroad in the local cooperative project of 2016
 The work summary conference towards Jilin provincial college comprehensive utilization of straw with high-end scientific and technological innovation platform held in our school
 The International Organization of Biological Control (IOBC) official publications reported the progress of the biological control of pest in our Biological Control Research Institute.
 Our School held the 2016 Spring Cadre Training Class
 Manhua won the Honor of Outstanding Student Growth and Success Representatives
 Greenfield Youth Volunteer Association Rated the Most Beautiful in Changchun City
 In-school Preview Mobilization Meeting for Undergraduate Teaching Review Kicked off
 Professor Guo Qinghai and Dou Sen Employed as Provincial Government Advisor
 2016 Postgraduate Work Meeting Kicked off
 Notice about Recruiting ¡°Changbai Mountain Scholar¡± of Jilin Agricultural University for Year 2015
 JAU Media | Xinhua Interview at Presence of JAU President Qin Guixin
 Vice Professor Li Jian Awarded Third Prize of the 15th Young University Teacher Prize by Fok Ying Tung Education Foundation
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