[ Introduction]

The university attaches great importance to construction of teaching staff and takes effective The university attaches great importance to construction of teaching staff and takes effective measures to enlarge employment of teaching staff and to improve structure of teaching staff, and has established a team of teaching staff which is stable, has great development tendency and satisfies the needs of talent cultivation. The university is equipped with 1064 full-time teachers, 732 among which are young and middle-aged teachers; 614 full-time teachers equipped with sub-senior titles; 442 full-time teachers equipped with doctoral degree, and 489 full-time teachers equipped with master’s degree. Over the years, the university has developed a series of regulations and systems in connection with teacher employment, further education for school-employed teachers and cultivation of academic leaders and other aspects. The university has established a comparatively complete teaching staff construction system and enlarged total number of teachers, optimized structure of teaching staff and improved overall qualification of teaching staff, establishing a high-level team of teaching staff which is equipped with reasonable structure, superior qualifications and adequate energy. Adhering to the principle of combination of training inside and outside of the university, pre-job training and on-the-job training as well as general improvement and focused training, the university has carried out “Teachers’ Teaching Ability Improvement Project” and strives to improve professional skills of teachers in a number of ways, such as providing further education on professional skills, short-term further education, practices & exercises, academic communication, domestic visits and studying abroad

[Teaching Staff]


 Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering?(1 person)

Li Yu

 Members of Discipline Appraisal Group of Academic Degree Committee of the State Council (2 persons)

Qin Guixin Guo Qinghai

 Thousand Talents Program (Foreign Experts Project) (1 person)


 Special Term Professors of Changjiang Scholars Awards Program by Ministry of Education (1 person)

Wang Chunfeng

 “Changjiang Scholars and Innovation Team Development Plan” by Ministry of Education- Leader of the Team of “Resource Protection & Cultivation & Sustainable Utilization of Important Fungus” (1 person)


 State-level Famous Teachers (1 person)

Li Yu

 “National High-level Personnel of Special Support Program” Expert (1 person)

Li Haiyan

 National Prominent Teachers (2 persons)

Li Yu Song Hui

 Personnel Entitled to Special Allowance from the State Council (12 persons)

Ma Jingyong Dou Sen Guo Qinghai Li Yu Zhao Lanpo Qin Guixin Wang Qi Hu Yaohui Wang Piwu
  Zhang Dongming Zhang Lianxue Gao Jie

 State-level Young & Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions (3 persons)

Li Yu Liu Jingsheng Du Rui

 "Candidates at first and second levels for “the Talent Cultivation Project” (2 persons)

Dou Sen Qin Guixin

 Candidates for New Century Talent Cultivation Project (1 person)

Zhang Dongming

 Candidates for National Talent Cultivation Project (2 persons)

Liu Jingsheng Du Rui

 New Century Prominent Talents by Ministry of Education (5 persons)

Zhang Yuejie Li Haiyan Lv Wenfa Ma Hongxia Wang Chunfeng

 Innovative Talents Promotion Plan by Ministry of Science and Technology –Leading Young & Middle-aged talents in Scientific and Technical Innovation (2 persons)

Li Haiyan Zang Liansheng

 Senior Experts of Jilin Province (granted Senior Experts in three successive years) (3 persons)

Wang Qi Li Yu Zhao Lanpo

 Senior Experts of Jilin Province

(note: for the same batch, names are listed in the order of strokes of family name)
  ●First batch of Senior Experts (2005) 4 persons (2006.1-2008.12)
  Li Yu Zhao Lanpo Guo Qinghai Gao Guang
  ●Second batch of Senior Experts (2008) 6 persons (2009.1-2011.12)
  Wang Qi Zhang Lianxue Wang Qi Hu Yaohui Zhao Lanpo Guo Qinghai
  ●Third batch of Senior Experts (2011) 11 persons (2012.1-2014.12)
  Wang Qi Wang Piwu Liu Jingsheng Wu Chunsheng Zhang Lianxue Zhang Yanrong
  Zhang Yuejie Li Yu Chen Guifen Zhao Lanpo Qin Guixin
  ●Fourth batch of Senior Experts (2015) 6 persons (2015.2-)
  Ma Hongxia Wang Piwu Zhang Yuejie Chen Guang Qin Guixin Gao Jie

 “Scholars of Mount Changbai” Special Term Professor of Jilin Province (5 persons)

Wang Chunfeng Liu Jingsheng Du Rui Ma Hongxia Gao Jie

 “Scholars of Mount Changbai” Chair Professor of Jilin Province (3 persons)

Nicolas Desneux Li Huifen Gao Zhifeng

 Famous Teachers of Jilin Province (7 persons)

Song Hui Guo Qinghai Li Yu Chen Guang Wang Piwu Wen Liankui Liu Hongzhang

 Provincial-level Young & Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contribution (22 persons)

Ma Jinfyong Lou Yujie Qin Guixin Chen Guifen Yao Qiujie Guo Qinghai Wang Qi Zhao Lanpo Gao Guang
  Wang Piwu Dou Sen Qian Aidong Zhang Yanrong Zhang Yuejie Yang Weiguang Ma Hongxia Wang Dawei Lv Wenfa
  Ruan Changchun Du Rui Chen Guang Zheng Xin

 Candidates for Top-notch Innovative Talents of Jilin Province

●First batch of Candidates for Top-notch Innovative Talents of Jilin Province, 9 persons in total (October 2004)
  The second level candidates:Dou Sen Guo Qinghai
  The third level candidates:Qin Guixin Hu Yaohui Zhang Lianxue Wang Chunfeng Chen Guifen Yang Limin Wang Qi
  ●Second batch of Candidates for Top-notch Innovative Talents of Jilin Province, 7 persons (August 2007)
  The second level candidates:Zhao Lanpo
  The third level candidates:Li Yadong Wu Lin Wang Piwu Gao Guang Zhang Dongming Zhao Yuejie
  ●Third batch of Candidates for Top-notch Innovative Talents of Jilin Province, 11 persons (December 2012)
  The first level candidates:Wang Qi
  The second level candidates:Chen Guang Zhao Yuejie Liu Jingsheng Li Yadong Li Haiyan
  The third level candidates:Lv Wenfa Du Rui Liu Shuyan Shao Xiwu Zhong Shuangling
  ●Fourth batch of Candidates for Top-notch Innovative Talents of Jilin Province, 14 persons (December 2013)
  The first level candidates:Li Haiyan
  The second level candidates:Ma Hongxia Liu Shuyan Lv Wenfa Du Rui Yang Limin
  The third level candidates:Song Ri Wang Yuhua Li Yuehong Min Weihong Yu Hansong Wang Dawei Zhang Zhicheng
  Zang Liansheng
  ●Fifth batch of Candidates for Top-notch Innovative Talents of Jilin Province, 11 persons (December 2015)
  The first level candidates:Zhao Yuejie Du Rui
  The second level candidates:Wang Yuhua Zang Liansheng
  The third level candidates:Yan Yunxian Li Wei Li Ying Yang Guilian Zheng Xin Cao Jianmin Ji Ruiqing

 Provincial-level Prominent Teachers (2 persons)

Li Taihao Wang Piwu

 Leading Academic Professors in Institutions of Higher Education of Jilin Province (6 persons)

Ma Hongxia Wang Chunfeng Liu Jingsheng Li Haiyan Du Rui Yan Limin

 New Century Prominent Talents in Colleges and Universities of Jilin Province (Technology Management Department) (15 persons))

Bao Haiying Liu Shuyan Zhou Jianzhong Zheng Xin Jiang Xiuyun Zang Liansheng Qi Xin  Shao Xiwu Xu Rifu
  Wang Yuhua Wang Yanhua Yan Yunxian Min Weihong Yang Guilian Zhang Zhicheng

 Team Leaders of Innovation Team of Colleges and Universities of Jilin Province (7 persons)

Liu Jingsheng Wang Chunfeng Shi Shusen Du Rui Li Jian Li Haiyan Gao Jie

 Doctoral Supervisor (81 persons)

Li Yu Wang Piwu Zhao Lanpo Qian Aidong Guo Qinghai Dou Sen Wu Jinggui Zhang Yuejie
  Tuliguer Qin Guixin Wang Quankai Liu Hongzhang Yang Limin Zhang Lianxue Chen Guang Wang Qi 
  Liu Jingsheng Yang Qingcai(outside) Hao Qingsheng Hu Yaohui Lou Yujie Xia Xianzhu(outside) Gao Jie
  Ma Jingyong Wang Dawei Wang Shouchen(outside) Wang Guixia Wang Jihui(outside) Ba Genna(outside)
  Bao Haiying Ren Yueying Li Yadong Li Zhihong Yang Shihai Ynag Weiguang Song Chunsheng Song Hui Song Shuyao
  Zhang Dongming Zhang Bojun(outside) Zhang Meiping Chen Guifen Fan Jing Zheng Xin Zhao Quan Hu Guixue
  Jiang Huiming Yao Fangjie Ma Hongxia Wang Chunfeng Wen Liankui Lv Wenfa Liu Shuyan Qi Xin Du Rui
  Li Haiyan Min Weihong Zhang Yanrong Shao Xiwen Zhao Rengui Jiang Huaizhi Xu Rifu Luan Weimin Gao Qiang
  Lu Zhongbin Han Xinghuan Wang Guiqin Wang Jihong Shi Shusen Liu Wencong Liu Xuejun Yang Zigang Yang Lianyu
  Zhang Zhian Jiang Yunlei Jiang Xiuyun Cao Guojun Cao Jianmin Dong Ran Han Mei Zang Liansheng