Academic report on the Outstanding Youth Scholars Series in College of Animal Science and Technology--- Current situation for global milk production and consumption.

Type: academic report

Time: 15:30, April 12th, 2016.

Place: first lecture theater, College of animal science and technology

Unit: College of Animal Science and Technology

Reporter: Wang Tao

Main academic achievements:

  Wang Tao is the Doctor of Science in Pusan National University and Post-doctor of Konkuk University. He mainly focused on the system research for the aspect towards milk production which has cis 9, anti 11- conjugated linoleic acid. He has presided over and participated in the National Natural Science Fund and other issues for thirteen times and issued forty-nine pieces of theses in Critical Reviews in Food Science and NutritionIF=5.2and such journals at home and abroad. Among these theses, twenty-five pieces belong to SCI theses, thirty-four pieces belong to conference records, two for authorized development patents(first), one has won the first prize(tenth) , second prize(first) and third prize(second) of Jilin Provincial Natural Science Academic Achievement Award. Besides, he has won the financial assistance in the Young scientist exchange program between China and South Korea" held by the Ministry of science & technology of China and Korea Research Consortium in 2015.

Brief introduction of contents:

The contents of this report focus on the summary and analysis towards the current global milk production and consumption status, and the reporters research experience in CIS 9, trans11 conjugated linoleic acid in milk production and branched chain amino acid (BCAA) and milk protein syntheses.

The reporters researches have optimized the aliphatic acid in the main animal products, especially the optimal extraction CIS 9, anti 11- conjugated linoleic acid, methylation conditions and detection techniques. He has taken advantage of the MAC-T cells, milk derived mammary epithelial cells and various kinds of cell models to make system researches on the CIS 9, anti 11- conjugated linoleic acid in milk production and provided technical guidance and theoretical basis for the animal products with he CIS 9, anti 11- conjugated linoleic acid.

Date:[2016-4-6 11:02:13]Publish Unit: Technology Management Department